Not having camped for a couple of decades we are starting fresh with our camping kit. So we  purchased a Campmaster Butane Combo Stove, a Gasmate Portable Outdoor Butane Gas Lantern, some cutlery, plastic plates and plastic beer and wine glasses.

The stove worked far better than I was expecting, it heats very fast and the cooking is very even across the frypan. Being non stick is a bonus as well, the size of the frypan is suitable for cooking for between 2 to 4 people in one hit.

I wanted to try out a recipe (One Pan Mexican Chicken and Rice) I’ve done this one a few times as it is an easy recipe to prepare and cook. This makes it an ideal meal to have when you are camping. We skipped adding the cheese and avocado this time as it was more a test of the stove than anything else.

We finished off the night relaxing in front of the ARB fire pit toasting some marshmallows.

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