I’ve been spoilt by the Head’s Up Display (HUD) in my VF2 SSV Commodore. Then the missus car has a digital speed reading in the dash, The Rocket 3R has a digital speedo and the CVO Street Glide has the speed on the GPS screen.

All of these may have made me lazy, as I wantto be able to have a quick glance to check my speed without having to read an old analogue speedometer.

The solution was a $59.95AUD GPS Speedometer Head Up Display with OBDII Data from JayCar. 

Plug it and away you go, you can adjust the speed on the HUD to match your speedo and there are some other options including engine RPM, water temperature, battery voltage, and distance travelled.

For the price I’m happy with what it does, it’s a great little “mod” for the Pajero.


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