Today was a short ride and our destination was Santa Monica and the Pacific Ocean. I knew it would be a slow trip even though we only had to cover 149km’s (92 miles).

This short distance took us just over 4 hours to traverse thanks to LA traffic density. This section of Route 66 is poorly signed and you have to make sure you check your map references first to ensure you don’t go astray.

From our motel which was well off Route 66 we made our way back to East Foothill Blvd in Rialto / San Bernadino. The only touristy things we seen today were the:

We never pulled up at the Wigwam Motel as parking looked difficult, so no photos from there. In hindsight I wish I had of booked in ther for the night.

The Cucamonga Service Station has been well restored and there is more work planned to bring it back to a copy of how it woulf have looked in 1915. It’s worth stopping in for a look at the history of the station itself and the restoration work done so far.

We did make it to Santa Monica and the parking was horrendous, we finally found a parking spot a long way from the Santa Monica pier. So we did a couple of photos with the plan of visiting the pier the following day.

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