There’s something about the USA and Route 66 that I just love. If I could I’d visit it more than I have been able to to date. Route 66 is in my opinion one of the ‘must do’ drives for any motoring enthusiast. Be it in a car or on a bike it is a great trip.

Some things to consider when planning a trip along Route 66 are:

  1. Read up about Route 66, what have others done, what books are available. Time of year for your trip.
  2. How long you will take to do the trip, there is a lot you can see and do.
  3. Where do you plan to eat each day? (Watch those calories when on the road, take out meals will creep up on your waistline).
  4. Your budget for the trip, this will be partially determined by points 2 and 3.
  5. Where will you stay? (Motels or RV parks/campgrounds)
  6. How far do you want to drive/ride each day.
  7. What side trips (attractions or sites) are there along the road.
  8. Factor in any additional costs for side trips and attractions. (Whilst it sounds basic it’s easy to forget these costs when working out your budget.
  9. Pack light as possible.

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