Our journey was drawing towards its end. Today was a step closer to home. The journey was around 415km, with the only real stop going to be the Ilfracombe Machinery and Heritage Museum. Also know as the “Machinery Mile” it is a fantastic collection of old farm machinery and equipment.

The “Machinery Mile” houses  a great range of machinery ranging from standing engines to earthmoving equipment.

Almost all of the collection came within 160km of the town.  The collection , includes a 1917 Ruston Proctor Tractor (one of 3 left in the world), Steam Devil, a big Excavator driven by three horse powered steam engine, a 12 tonne Stuart Tank that has been converted to a bulldozer, a first series grader made by Caterpillar, a early 1900 Lacre Light Truck, and a 1914 Republic Truck.

We hit the road once again with a stop in Alpha for some food. Followed by a quick stop at the Drummond Range Lookout.

Heading down the range from the lookout I stripped the gear selector control on the HD Ultra, I could change down gears by not go up i gears.

This then led to so temporary roadside repairs.

The Midlander Motel is our preferred motel when staying in Emerald. 

It’s only a few minutes’ walk to restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and shops The Midlander Motor Inn is  an ideal place to stay in Emerald.


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