With our tour over 1/2 over we hit the road early in the morning heading towards Tambo for a breakfast stop. Cruising along in a low convertible gives a deceptive feeling of speed. A quick glance at the speedo made me realise we were getting along at a rate that would be frowned upon by the constabulary. So a quick slow down to a more sedate pace and cruise control applied to the little MX5.

As we drove into Tambo we seen the Tambo Wool Truck art sculpture. Since we were pulling up for breakfast at Fanny Mae’s Cafe it was an ideal photo opportunity.

We also checked out Tambo Teddies, a local store making hand crafted teddie bears made with 100% woollen sheepskin.

From Tambo our next stop was Blackall for some more photos. Then it was on to Barcaldine.

Our motel for the night was the Barcaldine Country Motor Inn. Once checked in we did a pub crawl along the main street of “Barcy”.

For a smaller town they still have a lot of pubs in operation.

  • Artesian Hotel 
  • Commercial Hotel
  • Railway Hotel
  • Shakespeare Hotel
  • Union Hotel

The Union Hotel is the first or last pub depending on your direction of travel. It was our dining destination for the night.

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