After a relaxing evening, with dinner and a few drinks it was time to hit the road again.

It as a chilly 4°C according to the weather app on the phone, loading the car up it didn’t feel that cool and once we got going the outside temp according to the car was 8°C . 

Being a Sunday we didn’t hold much hope of anything being open in Goondiwindi. Understandable being a rural town though, so the plan was to travel through to Moree for breakfast.

Today’s journey was going to include Sawn Rocks in Mount Kaputar National Park, the Australia Telescope Compact Array and the CSIRO Parkes Observatory. The head unit on the Mercedes decided to stop working when we were coming into Moree. Very frustrating as we were using the GPS to direct us to Sawn Rocks. After we stopped for a coffee and a bite to eat the head unit was working again, so we got back on the road.

Annoyingly the GPS gave us a route that was about 30km of unsealed road which is ok, being a rough unsealed road not so ok though. By the time we did the walking trail and visited the Australia Telescope Compact Array we’d been on the road for nearly 6 hours. So we weren’t going to make the CSIRO Parkes Observatory before closing time. We decided to visit old Dubbo Gaol instead and go the CSIRO Parkes Observatory the next morning.

After checking in to the Coachman Hotel/Motel we decided to visit the bar area and have a couple of beers. We were looking at eating at the pub but decided to check what else was around and seen there was an Indian restaurant close by, so we ventured down to Parkes Indian Cuisine. Good food, the bar heater on the high chair was a bit dodgy though.

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