We had a bit of a lay in before heading off for breakfast at “The Hangar” in the shopping complex across from the Atlantis HotelAfter breakfast we wandered around checking out some of the local street art.

The street art in Melbourne is simply brilliant and there is a Street Art Walk to take it all in. We only seen a small amount of what is on offer. 

If you are in Melbourne do yourself a favour and check it out. Plenty of coffee shops to get a caffeine fix at the same time.

From checking out the Street Art the next place to venture was Art Vo in The District Docklands precinct. 

The venue is a fun activity for all ages with over 80 different 3D reality defying artworks and optical illusions to work with across 9 different themed zones.

All of the artwork has been hand painted by very talented artists you will come face to face with wild animals, historic scenes, famous landmarks, enchanted gardens, and much more. 

Make sure you have your camera or smart phone and bring your partner, your children, your entire family, or some mates and experience becoming a work of art.

From Art Vo we jumped on a free tram into town and headed to Southbank for some lunch. We stopped in at Hopscotch for a light lunch and cold beer.  They spruik on their website that they have over 30 flavours of beer on tap.

Yet sure enough once I do an online order they take a  long time to come to our table and tell me what I ordered is not available. surely in the age on online ordering they can remove unavailable items. This isn’t limited to this venue, rather all venues they have moved to the online ordering system.

Anyway, enough of a whinge. After lunch we headed to the Melbourne Skydeck to check out the city views.

After lunch we wandered back into the city and stopped for a refreshment stop at the Duke of Wellington Hotel and revisited the Hofbräuhaus Melbourne.  As it was getting close to dinner we decided to go back to the Westlake Restaurant for another go at their “Banquet A”.

We enjoyed Melbourne and this was our last night there. so on the road again tomorrow.

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