The Diner in Sarina is a local icon, it is a firm favourite with generations of sugar mill workers & locals. Diners sit along rectangular bars on either side of the central food preparation area. It is situated beside the North Coast rail line, the only sign on the diner is one indicating if its open & that it serves meals & takeaways.

It may not be much to look at, but this unlikely “roadside shack” gives you a generous serving of whatever you order. They serve anything from grills, sandwiches, burgers and they also do a range of cooked breakfasts.

They can also be found on Facebook. 

The Courier Mail newspaper posted an article on The Diner back in 2017. It is worth checking it out and having a read. A brief excerpt is below.

“Since starting life in the grounds of the Commercial Hotel (now Tandara Hotel/Motel) around 1927, the Pie Cart/The Diner has had a very moving life.”

“It started life as a ‘hawkers’ or ‘peddlers’ cart with all the shutters and benches folding away each night.”

“From there it moved into the centre part of Broad St before meandering up and down the road as the council of the time wouldn’t allow it to stay in any one place for long.”

“One morning people found that it had moved into the railway yards and has remained there ever since. This happened during the war years.”

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