We had a wet start to our tour with rain from Rockhampton to Duaringa, our destination for the day was the Sarina Beach Motel.

We went out via Duaringa as I’d never driven the dirt stretch from Duaringa to Apis Creek and I wanted to check it out.

As we are still sorting out how we want to kit out the Pajero for touring the packing was a little haphazard.

Being “The Thirsty Tourists” we were going to stop at the pub at Duaringa for a quick beer, it doesn’t open until 11am though. That just seems to be “unAustralian” to me, never mind though we ventured onward towards our destination.

The red stuff north of Duaringa proved to be a little slippery even with the Maxiss AT811 Razor‘s fitted, overall though the road was in good condition and it showed us some countryside we never ventured across before.

If you are heading north from Rockhampton and want a bit of a detour this road is ideal for a change of scenery.

Once back on the bitumen it was a easy run to Sarina. We stopped at the local Woolworths and grabbed a few supplies for the rest of the trip.

I also stopped at the local liquor shop and grabbed a carton of beer for the nights around the campfire.

Then we headed for the Sarina Beach Motel for the night. It’s an older motel that has been getting renovations done to it and it sits right on the beach at Sarina beach. The in house restaurant is “The Palms“, they have a good range of food and drinks available. It pays to keep an eye on the time though, they have ripped me off a few times with the prices of their happy hour beers a couple of times. When quizzed on it I was told that is how the till works. 

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