The sculpture trail is a circuit starting in Aramac but is also accessible
from Jericho. You can travel the loop either way and it covers a distance of approximately 200km. It comprises of 40 sculptural creations mostly on an outback theme ranging from emu families to jackaroos.

These amazing artworks are the creations of Milynda Rogers who is a local artist.

They are all created from rusting odds and ends found locally at the dump or around the local area. 

It’s best to make a day of doing the sculpture tour, This is not an adventure you want to rush. Make sure you venture into Aramac and check out the local businesses. We would have had a “coldie” at the pub it we hadn’t been in town so early.

They have a great little tramway museum which has some displays from bygone days when the rail line went out there from Barcaldine.

Whilst you are doing the sculpture trail make sure you also stop at the renowned
Gray Rock historical site and the wonder of Horsetailer’s Gorge.

The road is unsealed and when we toured it was rather corrugated, so take your time, enjoy the drive and take in the scenery of some amazing countryside. 

Once we completed the sculpture trail is was back to Lake Dunn for a few cold beers and a relaxing night around the camp fire.

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