Today’s journey would cover around 530km going from Lake Dunn to Salvator Rosa National Park. Our journey would take us through Aramac, Barcaldine, Blackall and Tambo.

The first stop for the day was Aramac to fuel up at the WhiteBull Roadhouse. We also took the opportunity to stop and visit the Aramac Tramway Museum. Once we checked everything out we got on the road and headed to Barcaldine.


We love a good coffee and it was the perfect opportunity to have a caffeine fix at the Barcaldine Bakery. This was our first coffee and 6 days so we were hanging out a little for it.

The bakery had so many tasty treats and it had been years since I’d had a cream bun. So I thought I’d indulge.

Once we we were caffeinated and had our bakery treat we had a quick stop at the IGA for a few supplies. Then we made our way to Blackall, we had planned to check out the Woolscour but decided against it as we were mindful of the time to get to our destination.

We still made time to have a cold beer at the Barcoo hotel though.

After enjoying our cold beer we continued on towards Tambo to fuel up. Then we would be turning off and travelling on the Dawson Development Road to get to Salvator Rosa National Park.

The unsealed road from Tambo to Salvator Rosa was well graded and in good condition. It is very scenic in parts, the Bull Creek Gorge Cliff faces are stunning. Salvator Rosa is 168km from Springsure and 135km from Tambo via Mount Playfair Road.

The park was very quiet, so quiet we were the only visitors there 🙂 As we were only staying overnight we never got the opportunity to explore this place.

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