Today’s journey would cover around 540km going from Salvator Rosa National Park to Blackdown Tabledowns National Park. Our journey would take us through Springsure and Blackwater.

As mentioned in our day 6 post, the park was very quiet, so quiet we were the only visitors there 🙂. So we arose to nothing but the sounds of nature. After a birthday breakfast of pancakes we packed up and said farewell to Salvator Rosa NP.

Our arrival at Blackdown Tablelnds seen someone else occupying our booked site. Someone had taken there’s so they decided to find another one.  When you book at Blackdown Tablelands you are booking a specific site to camp in. The couple camped in our site offered to move, we instead checked out the site they had booked and it was now vacant. So we set up camp there instead.

Blackdown Tablelands is a peaceful spot to camp, and once set up we settled in to enjoy or last night of the tour.

I was surprised to see a couple of caravans up the top, the road is tight and twisty. Not somewhere you would venture with a caravan.

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