We said goodbye to Sydney in the early morning. Our destination today was Bingara. Leaving The Rendezvous we wanted to get on the Harbour Bridge and headed towards the Grosvenor Street on ramp as per our GPS directions only to find it closed. The deviation around Jamison Street seen me straddle a traffic island in the early morning. Luckily we sustained no damage to the car.

I found Sydney very easy to navigate and drive through, part of our journey today would be heading up Putty Road from Windsor.

Our stops today would include:

The Australian Army Infantry Museum is located in Singleton New South Wales.

The museum is divided into two main spaces, with the lower floor features exhibitions that focus on the history of operations from Sudan in 1885 through to Afghanistan. 

The mezzanine level houses small arms and their associated training aids. 

Hunter Warbirds is a must stop for any aviation fan. It is located in Scone, New South Wales and it is an extraordinary aircraft collection.

Col Pay’s warbird collection also included Australia’s first airworthy P-40 Kittyhawk as well as most of the significant fighter aircraft operated by the RAAF during World War II.


The Australian Silo Art Trail is a fantastic initiative and they are an amazing visual spectacle. the transformation of the old silos has breathed life into rural communities as tourists venture forth along the silo trails.

Our rest stop for the day was the Imperial Hotel at Bingara established in 1879.

Bingara is a historic, gold and diamond-mining town  set in the Gwydir River Valley. 

 The town also boated it’s own cinema and a Greek café. Signs of days gone by.

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