After catching up for breakfast we checked out of NYNY and hit the road heading towards Needles California, with the roof down on the Mustang we cruised through the Mojave desert. The 45°C day seen us pull up and put the roof up for a couple of hours.

Whilst travelling on the I95 (dual carriage way) we seen the car in front of us pull up and turn around and head into the path of oncoming traffic. They has to be tourists and have forgotten about the dual carriage way. We made sure we avoided them whilst flashing the headlights at them at the same time.

Once we crossed over into California we continued on pulling up at Needles for a cold drink. From there then headed to Arizona and onto Oatman along the Oatman-Topock Highway.

Oatman is a town that appears to be lost in time. Whilst it is very much a tourist stop with donkeys wandering the street, staged shootouts and buildings that would like at home in a western movie. It was once  a booming mining area.

Well worth a visit to if you are travelling along Route 66.

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