Today would see us visit the southern rim of the Grand Canyon and head to Holbrook to stay at the Wigwam Motel. The Wigwam Motel was part of a motel chain in the United States built during the 1930’s and 1940’s.

I for one was feeling under the weather after drinking our way though the alcoholic offerings at Cruisers Cafe. Note, to self. don;t go shopping after you’ve spent the night drinking. I ended up with a big stack of Route 66 memorabilia in the motel room the next morning.

We looked for a place that could do breakfast and a passable ‘flat white’ coffee. Whilst we did find a place for food the coffee was sadly lacking. Once our bellies were filled we hit the road.

On our way to the Grand Canyon we passed Valle Airport where there happend to be a Wings of Fame museum so this called for a stop to check it out.

Back on the road we made it to the Grand Canyon National Park and the southern rim. Photos and videos on the Grand Canyon do not do it justice. The vista is awe inspiring and obviously very popular.

We later stopped at Winslow to check out the ‘Standing on a corner’ emorial made famous by the Eagles song. 

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