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Gear and Stuff

Getting our gear sorted.

Not having camped for a couple of decades we are starting fresh with our camping kit. So we  purchased a Campmaster Butane Combo Stove, a Gasmate Portable Outdoor Butane Gas Lantern, some cutlery, plastic plates and plastic beer and wine glasses. The stove worked far better than I was expecting, it heats very fast and …

Gear and Stuff

ARB Firepit

Who doesn’t love a cosy fire when out camping? Being in such a dry country the risk of bushfire is something to bear in mind when camping. Also you need to think about how to contain any fire you make. Originally I wasn’t going to buy the ARB one. I was looking at a smaller …

Gear and Stuff

Darche Dusk to Dawn 1400

We were rather excited to see the Darche Dusk to Dawn 1400 in stock at Snowys at Brendale. We had only been down there from Central Queensland a couple of weeks ago. After visiting 3 camping stores including Snowys, 2 TJM stores and ringing another 7 other TJM stores, it seems no one had the …

Gear and Stuff

Which double swag?

Why a swag? The choice was easy as swags have advantages over traditional tents including an inbuilt mattress (thickness is generally between 50mm to 70mm), they are quick to set up and you can fold back the canvas for a view of the night sky.  I read several reviews on line from the following sites: …

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